I've been into photography for years, but was limited by a student budget in the film days - film and developing it costs lots!
I Recently upgraded to digital (Canon), and have been experimenting with my interests and lenses, which is everything really at the moment.

I love to travel - to places with cultures different to mine. The first time I went backpacking was with my mother when I was five, to Bali before it became touristy, and England for the year. We had no money, so during summer holidays we walked everywhere, saw castles just like in the fairy tales, fields of daffadils and forests of transparent green beech leaves. We walked 14 miles one day, for a five year old that was far - I still remember that day!

I've since travelled to Indonesia, Central America, Mexico, Japan, studied in Canada, travelled the length of Australia, (minus that bit from Canarvan to Darwin...TBA), Morocco, Egypt, Holland, Israel, Vietnam, China, Lao, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, ah..Nepal, back to Bali, Malaysia, Singapore, and have quite a long short list.

I'm currently based in Sydney.

If you would like to contact me, my email is: